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2022 Volleyball Scores and Stats

Week #3 Men’s 2022 Volleyball League

Match Scores:

Tom’s Construction defeated Team Kersten 3-1, Total Foam Specialist defeated Armoured Fencing 4-0, and Total Foam Specialist defeated Stay Humble 4-0  


Total Foam Specialist 16-0, Tom’s Construction 11-5, Team Kersten 4-8, Stay Humble 3-13, Armoured Fence 2-10



Week #3 Women’s 2022 Volleyball League

Match Scores:

Club 45 defeated Total Foam Specialist 4-0, Mike’s Saloon defeated A-Ok Construction 4-0, Serves of Steel defeated A-Ok Construction 4-0, and Club 45 defeated Serves Steel of Steel 4-0


Club 45 12-0, Serves of Steel 11-5, Mike’s Saloon 5-3, Total Foam Specialist 2-10, A-Ok Construction 2-14 


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Week #2 Volleyball Scores & Stats

Week #2 Men’s 2022 Volleyball League

Match Scores:

Team Kersten defeated Stay Humble 3-1, Stay Humble tied Armoured Fencing 2-2, Total Foam Specialist defeated Tom’s Construction 4-0



Tom’s Construction 8-4, Total Foam Specialist 8-0, Team Kersten 3-5, Stay Humble 3-8, Armoured Fence 2-6



Week #2 Women’s 2022 Volleyball League

Match Scores:

Serves of Steel defeated Total Foam Specialist 4-0, Club 45 defeated A-Ok Construction 4-0, Serves of Steel defeated Mike’s Saloon 3-1



Serves of Steel 7-1, Club 45 4-0, A-Ok Construction 2-6, Total Foam Specialist 2-6, Mike’s Saloon 1-3

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Volleyball Week #1 - Friday, January 7, 2022

Week #1 Volley Scores and Standings:
Men’s 2022 Volleyball League
Match Scores:
Total Foam Specialist defeated Team Kertsen 4-0, Tom’s Construction defeated Armoured Fencing 4-0,
Tom’s Construction defeated Stay Humble 4-0
Tom’s Construction 8-0, Total Foam Specialist 4-0, Team Kertsen 0-4, Armoured Fencing 0-4, Stay Humble 0-4
Women’s 2022 Volleyball League
Match Scores:
Total Foam Specialist tied A-OK Construction 2-2, Club 45 @ Serves of Steel has been rescheduled for 1/17/22, Mike’s Saloon @ Club 45 has been rescheduled for 3/7/22
A-Ok Construction 2-2, Total Foam Specialist 2-2, Club 45 0-0, Mike’s Saloon 0-0, Serves of Steel 0-0
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2021 Mural Project

On behalf of the City of Clintonville & the Parks & Recreation Department, we would like to thank the Clintonville High School and community members whom came forward and designed and completed this beautiful mural.  With a lot of time work and long days the project was completed.  This is a great addition to our community.  The mural can be found on the East side of the old Vet's office (26 10th Street).  The best view is from the Clintonville Community Center parking lot.  

NEW Picnic Point Fishing Pier - Thursday, September 23, 2021

The NEW ADA fishing pier at Picnic Point was finished on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021.  A huge thank you goes out to the Shadows on the Wolf Clintonville Chapter for funding the project, Dan Bouchette, President, as the point of contact and the Shadows on the Wolf Shiocton Chapter led by Ace Van Straten, Field Project Director for being the project lead on this project.  Also would like to recognize John Wilkinson Excavation for doing a great job on the installation of the ADA fishing pier.

Membership Sign-up - Monday, January 25, 2021

It is time to start creating an account with RecDesk.  Creating an account will help make registering for programs and reserving facilities more convenient.  We haven't started online registration or reservations yet, but creating an account now will help for future programs and reservations.  
  1. Click on the following link: Log in ( 
  2. Click on "Create New Account"
  3. Start filling out the information being asked; then click on Continue
  4. Fill out the remaining Account Information and click on Submit
  5. Once submitted you are able to register and reserve once the online registration/reservation is up and running.
If you have any questions please call the Parks & Recreation Director at (715) 823-7660 or e-mail at 

Clintonville Parks & Recreation Department

The Clintonville Parks & Recreation Department is staffed by a director, three parks laborers, all of whom are full time. In addition, the department has a part time facilities custodian and numerous seasonal staff who assist with laborer positions and recreational activities.  The goal of the department is to provide a system of easily accessible and well maintained open spaces and parks which will provide recreation opportunities and enhance the quality of life for all city residents and visitors.

Clintonville has two community parks and thirteen neighborhood parks/greenspaces. In addition, there are three boat landings with one at Ice House Landing near Hemlock and N. 12th Streets, one at Pigeon Lake Wayside near Mathew's Supper Club, and one at Pickerel Point Memorial Park off West street.  The department provides many opportunities for people young and old to participate in recreational activities. There are a wide variety of classes and programs offered by the department. Clintonville owns and operates the Community/Senior Center at 30 S. Main Street. There are five outdoor shelters and one newly renovated indoor shelter that can be rented by the public. The Jim Simpson Memorial Disc Golf Course, a nine basket par 3 course which opened in the Fall of 2013, is also available to the public in W.A. Olen Park.

Clintonville Street Tree Program - Monday, August 16, 2021

Clintonville Street Trees can be viewed on TreePlotter Inventory webpage at
We are in the early stages of plotting and editing profiles for each of the street trees within our city limits.  There is also future planting sites that are plotted on the page as well.  These are not set in stone planting sites, but rather a suggestion based off of aerial views and not current utilities that may be present in each area.   

Robert Street Tree Planting 2020 - Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Clintonville Parks & Recreation Department finished the 2020 tree planting project on Robert Street (between E. 14th St. & 15th St.).  Thanks to the American Transmission Company for the grant ($1500) in late 2019.  This generous grant helped the department achieve the planting of (11) Korean Sun Pear Trees in the terrace on the West side of Robert Street.  

The Certified Butterfly Garden has been Named! - Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Seven Maples Nature Area - The public responded with 196 votes for the top 11 names selected by the Parks & Recreation Committee.  Coming in 3rd place was Whispering Wings with 36 votes, 2nd place was Monarchs in the Maples with 45 & Flutterby Field with 47.  The Parks & Recreation Committee made it official and selected Flutterby Field as the name of the new certified butterfly garden at Seven Maples Nature Area.  The new sign has been ordered and should be here before November.  The Parks & Recreation Department will install the new sign once it arrives.  The goal is to plant the 3" potted plants next Spring.